A great view into Acquaviva. You can see the it's town core.


San Marino

Population: 1530

Coordinates: 43.94593, 12.4185

Timezone: Europe/San_Marino

Basic city data: Data Source | CC BY 4.0

About the city

Acquaviva is one of the nine municipalities (castelli) of the Republic of San Marino, an independent microstate enclaved within Italy. It is the largest and most populous municipality in the country, covering an area of approximately 43.86 square kilometers and having a population of around 21,000 people. The city of Acquaviva itself is located at an altitude of 450 meters above sea level, providing stunning views over the surrounding region. San Marino, as a whole, is a small nation with a rich history dating back to AD 301 when Saint Marinus founded the country on Mount Titano. Acquaviva's name comes from the Latin word "aqua" meaning water, which refers to the numerous springs and streams found in the area. The municipality is known for its beautiful landscapes, with forests, hills, and valleys covering much of the territory. In terms of attractions, Acquaviva offers various sites to visit: 1. Churches: Several churches can be found within the city, including the Parish Church of Saint Marinus, which features a neoclassical architectural style with beautiful frescoes and sculptures. 2. Castle and Fortress: The castle and fortress in Acquaviva date back to the Middle Ages and are considered some of the most important historical sites in San Marino. They played a crucial role in defending the country throughout its history. 3. Museums: Visitors can explore various museums, such as the Museum of Rural Life, which showcases the traditional way of life in San Marino, or the Acquaviva Palace Museum, which features art and historical exhibits. 4. Natural attractions: The surrounding natural landscapes offer opportunities for hiking, mountain biking, and picnicking in scenic locations. 5. Traditional festivals: Throughout the year, various cultural events and religious celebrations take place in Acquaviva, showcasing the rich traditions of San Marino. In summary, Acquaviva is a beautiful city nestled within the picturesque landscape of San Marino. Its rich history, architectural landmarks, and natural attractions make it an interesting destination for travelers looking to explore this small but unique country in Europe.

Top Comments

The wine bars in Acquaviva are perfect for unwinding after a day of sightseeing.

The markets in Acquaviva are a treasure trove of local goods.

The art installations in Acquaviva spark creativity and imagination.

The river cruises in Acquaviva offer a unique perspective of the city.

The cafes in Acquaviva are perfect for a relaxing afternoon.

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